PBIC 2024 Day 1: Comeback Neverland 713’s Stunning Victory Over REETFPS!

PBIC 2024 Day 1: Comeback Neverland 713's Stunning Victory Over REETFPS!

Absolutely, folks! Buckle up because the Point Blank International Championship (PBIC) 2024 brought the gaming world to its feet with an electrifying showcase of talent and skill. One team that stole the spotlight was none other than Comeback Neverland 713 from Indonesia. The fervor and enthusiasm surrounding their performance against Brazil’s REETFPS on the tournament’s inaugural day were nothing short of sensational.

As the virtual battleground unfolded, Comeback Neverland 713 showcased a level of gameplay that left spectators in awe. The strategic maneuvers, impeccable teamwork, and precision shooting displayed by the Indonesian squad were the epitome of gaming excellence. It was more than just a match; it was a masterclass in competitive gaming.

PBIC 2024 Kicks Off in Jakarta

The PBIC 2024 started with a bang on March 2-3, 2024, at the Mall Taman Anggrek in Jakarta. Eight teams from different countries came together to compete for the world champion title of 2024 and a whopping prize of $100,000 USD. It’s like the Olympics, but for Point Blank gamers!

Meet the PBIC 2024 Teams

Among the top teams were Attack All Around from Thailand, REETFPS from Brazil, AOEXE from Russia, Istanbul Wildcats from Turkey, Definite Gaming from the Philippines, Good Game Club from Azerbaijan, Team Path from Malaysia, and of course, Indonesia’s very own Comeback Neverland 713.

The Big Match: Comeback Neverland 713 vs. REETFPS

On Day 1, the seventh match was between Comeback Neverland 713 and REETFPS from Brazil. Everyone was excited to see how these teams would perform. It’s like the big game in a sports tournament that everyone waits for.

A One-Sided Victory

What happened next was unbelievable! Comeback Neverland 713 showed their skills and strategy in a way that left everyone amazed. They didn’t let REETFPS score even a single point! The match ended with a jaw-dropping score of 8-0 in favor of Comeback Neverland 713.

Why Comeback Neverland 713’s Win is Huge

This victory was a big deal because:

  • It Shows Their Strength: Winning with such a big score shows how strong and well-prepared Comeback Neverland 713 is.
  • It’s Inspiring: Their performance can inspire other players and teams to work hard and play their best.
  • It Makes the Tournament Exciting: Such an unexpected win makes the rest of the tournament even more exciting to watch.

The Power of Teamwork

Comeback Neverland 713’s win also highlights the importance of teamwork in gaming. Just like in sports, working together, having a strategy, and supporting each other can lead to amazing results.

What’s Next for Comeback Neverland 713?

After such a stunning start, everyone is now watching Comeback Neverland 713 to see how they will perform in the rest of the SLOTJARWO tournament. Will they keep up their winning streak? It’s going to be exciting to find out!


Day 1 of PBIC 2024 was full of surprises, but the most talked-about moment was definitely Comeback Neverland 713’s victory over REETFPS. Their performance was not just a win, but a display of skill, strategy, and teamwork at its best. Congratulations to Comeback Neverland 713, and let’s see what more surprises PBIC 2024 will bring!